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Submitted on
December 30, 2006
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Here we are, standing alone,
Just you and me, hand in hand
Staring at the starlit sky
Watching the twinkling stars
Our hands, like our bodies,
Lying next to each other,
With just a little space in between

I don’t want much from you, you say
“I just want to be alone with your smile”
A little while has gone by,
But we are still staring at the twinkling stars in the sky,
Your hand closer to mine now,
Almost touching

“Quit crying your eyes out,” you tell me
As you wipe away my tears,
Because you tell me you will never leave me
Your hand moves over mine, and I lightly take it
Please baby, hold my hand

Later on, you move closer to me
Soon there is no room between us
And then you roll on top of me,
Pressing me up against the grass,
In the stary night
Please baby, hold my hand and don’t let go

Pressed up against me,
Pushing me on the grass,
You clench my hand in yours
We can’t keep our eyes off of each other
Then you lean in, still tightly holding my hand,
Our eyes closing as you lean in
And kiss me for the very first time
Please baby, keep holding my hand
35/100 [link]

This is probably the sappiest one yet, no matter what I've said about the one's I've written so far! I almost didn't upload this one, because I don't like it
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x0falloutgirl0x Jan 15, 2007
Aw that's cute...who cares if it's a little sappy...I write some sappy poems too. Its really nice...I like it.

“Quit crying your eyes out,” you tell me
+44 <33 :D
You like +44, too? =D

I know, it's really sappy...but I didn't know what else to write <_>
x0falloutgirl0x Jan 16, 2007
i love +44:)...although i miss blink 182 :(
awwwwwwww! *tears up* that is soooo sweet! I'm sure every girl wants that!
Yeah... >.>
But I'm pathetic and only dream about it. Glad you enjoyed it ^^
:iconnone-shall-save-us:'re not pathetic. Dreaming is what makes the world turn. Every one has fantasies, and I'm sure yours will come true! don't lose hope! *starts singing the 'Black Parade' chorus*
o__o :salute: yes, ma'am...but that's hard...I think I give up <.>
nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! *cries*
o_o but it's ok...I have my Frankie bear to give me love!
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